I started this blog as a way to reflect upon my teaching experience. Since then, I have left the classroom (for now) to pursue a graduate degree in theological studies. Although I plan to be an educator for a lifetime in some form or another, I felt there was more for me to learn to be able to teach students while influencing adults to care more about the messages we give to the youth and to each other. There are parts of me that feel incongruent now that I am a student and not a teacher, but I think about what my students taught me and wonder if we should blur the lines between teaching and learning a bit more.

Indeed, much of what I have learned in my adult years has been a process of unlearning what the world has taught me in order to know better. This blog is dedicated to the process of re-education in pursuit of complex questions in a world that values simple solutions.
Here’s to the perpetual cycle of learning and unlearning that each of us must do.

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