An Idea (Old News)

I recently started a new art/poetry project where I take each day’s newspaper headlines and chop them up to make new headlines. You can find all of them here, or by clicking Headlines in the menu at the top of my page. I decided that I would also start writing articles for those headlines here and there, so I now present you with Old News.

An Idea That Has Taken Root: Sometimes Growing Means You Fall Short

An Idea That Has Taken Root: Sometimes Growing Means You Fall Short

New studies show that falling short may actually be linked to strong growth spurts in the lives of people who aren’t dead yet. At the University of Facts & Knowledge, research was conducted in a test group of billions of humans, from newborns to the elderly.

“We were trying to find if failure is linked to the development of a person’s growth,” said lead scientist Dr. Spurtz. “And the results were as expected. It seems that humans grow not just in spite of failure, but often because of it.”

Across the board, the numbers showed that every human who survived a defeat came back to achieve a great victory, even if it wasn’t the victory they expected. “You think about babies,” an expert in losing said, “they fall a lot of times before they start walking. Some of them go on to be great runners.”

In the same way, adults may lose jobs, important relationships, and a lot of hard-earned pride, confidence, etc., and yet are able to rise above conflict and go on to find their dream careers, soulmates, or even just a better sense of self.

The study further showed that often the link between past trials and future triumphs is perspective, versatility, and the human spirit. “Mistakes are what shape us,” Dr. Spurtz explained. “A species that doesn’t fail doesn’t survive. You have to do a lot of falling before you learn how to stand.”

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