The Union

This is a spoken word poem I wrote about Heaven and Earth.

I dreamt a union
between Heaven & Earth
Scooped a handful of dirt
& knew it was sacred
For once I was acutely aware of the divineness inside us
Yes, I was awakened to the holiness surrounding
as if Heaven dropped microphones
through its clouds

& asked us to speak as only we know how
& we dreamt the very voice of God resounds
each time we uttered
There’s a Heaven around us
I feel it shake
beneath the surface of the ground
Well surely this Heaven seeks a way
out to break out and envelop us
as if we are love letters from God himself
written on his heart
& delivered to this Earth
in hopes that we would find our home
within the truest worship
I have ever witnessed
& that is relationship

We are God’s workmanship
building & destroying Heaven
by how we choose to use
these hands
these tongues
these lives
See, sometimes I build mansions
with my close friends
but build walls
between my enemies
but Heaven is a house
open to all who may seek it
It is without walls
it is without barriers
it is higher than the mountains
deeper than the oceans
& as wide as the love
we allow into its blueprint
its divine design
So if you’re on the outside looking in
come in
If you’re seeking & not finding
look around
& if you’re asking
perhaps you’re the answer
We are Heaven’s messengers
sent to invite with our love
meant to ignite what’s above
Have you dreamt a union
between Heaven & Earth
& realized that God is here
& always at work?

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